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Greyson Chance, Press Bio and Recent Releases

June 30th, 2017

‘SEASONS’ by Greyson Chance dropped today.

Give it a listen

‘Seasons’ is another very personal song from Greyson as he explains in his blog on his website:

Greyson… Greyson Chance???…You remember…

April, 2010, at 12 years old,
Sings a song
Posts it on You Tube
Goes viral
Goes on The Ellen Show
Gets a record deal
Enrolls in an online school
Releases an album
Tours the world
Banks some scratch
Is having the time of his life
And then…

His voice drops
His record label drops HIM
His manager drops him
Greyson drops outta sight for a while

Bruised, bloodied but not down for the count, and at the ripe, old age of 15, with a lifetme’s-worth of life’s lessons under his belt, Greyson rediscovered his love for music and is now determined to make his mark in a brutal and emotionally demanding business.

Fast forward to 2015

After graduating (online) high school with a 3.9 GPA (So Greyson tells us), Greyson teamed up with a new manager, Alex Ziabko, moved back to LA and wrote and released his come-back EP; ‘Somewhere Over My Head’ in May of 2016. Greyson promo-toured the EP in the US and Asia throughout 2016. In addition, he and his team produced and released ‘The Drop’, a documentary following his career which can be seen on-demand on the Fullscreen Network.

As of this writing, (early 2017) Greyson is fulfilling another dream; earning a college degree (at a real brick and mortar college) only revealing this “secret” to his somewhat surprised, even stunned, fans near the end of his second semester of his freshman year. With this revelation, Greyson vows to his fans to continue “putting out music”.

And so he is! 

June 22, 2016

FINALLY!!! Greyson releases the release date for his new single.

May 31st, 2017
Greyson hints the upcoming release of SEASONS in his typical cryptic fashion on twitter, awakening his “sleepy” fans.😉 No date yet…Stay Tuned!!!

May 24th, 2017 ‘Dirty Dancing” The Remake!
‘Dirty Dancing’, The ABC TV Network remake airs to mixed reviews…OK, let’s be honest, here. Pretty much all reviews from both the public and critics alike were FUCKING BRUTAL!!! …HOW DARE ABC DEFILE THE MEMORY OF THE LATE PATRICK SWAYZE BY REMAKING THE FILM THAT GAVE BIRTH TO HIS STARDOM!!! (Not to mention his abs) WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? …That was pretty much the consensus among, well, pretty much everyone on social media. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad but I was never a huge fan of the original so I suppose I could be somewhat objective. I truly do think Greyson’s rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ was better than Eric Carmen’s original. Greyson sings it with far more passion, in my opinion. But being caught up in the fervor to slaughter the film, the song, too, was beat up pretty badly. I did, however, see some positive comments about ‘Hungry Eyes’ from more objective opiners. Greyson and his team MUST have realized that taking on this project would be risky. I applaud their courage. I’m confident Greyson has been around critics long enough to take his licks, pick himself up and move forward…like the SEASONS 🙂

May 19th, 2017
Greyson’s rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ is released as one of 17 tracks on Virgin Record’s soundtrack for the ABC Television remake of the 1980s film ‘Dirty Dancing’.

May 12th, 2017
Greyson releases his rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ for the soundtrack of the upcoming ABC remake of the beloved film ‘Dirty Dancing’ to be aired on May 24th, 2017.

May 5th, 2017
‘Earn It’
A colab with EDM artist Fabian Mazur, was released on Armada Records and is a dance-worthy track with rap influences presented with Greyson’s soulful vocals over the electronic track produced by Fabian.

(Early) May 2017
Greyson announced a new single, entitled ‘Seasons’ to be released in “the next couple of weeks”. (Greyson, being “chronically [as in time] challenged”, “the next couple of weeks” likely means Late May or early June 2017) Stay Tuned!

Jan., 2017
‘Anything’, an acoustic version of an earlier colab track with Frank Pole, is released. Frank plays his piano arrangement in this track accompanying Greyson’s emotional vocals

Dec. 23rd, 2016
‘London’, is a beautiful, raw, single-take, acoustic recording; Greyson’s voice is accompanied only by his piano playing and the squeaky stool on which he’s seated.  Its a personal favorite of mine and is Greyson’s tribute to the c.1794 William Blake poem of the same title.

Sept. 15th, 2016
‘Anything’: In this EDM studio version of the aforementioned acoustic, Greyson’s vocals are backed up with a powerful piano element combined with an electronic arrangement; both provided by producer Frank Pole.

May 13th, 2016
‘Somewhere Over My Head’, Greyson’s five track come-back EP drops.
Track list:
‘Afterlife’ (released as single Oct. 29th, 2015)

‘Hit & Run’ (released as single Feb. 5th, 2016)

‘Back On The Wall’ (released as a single with a music vid in April 2016)

‘No Fear’ (released with the EP)

‘More Than Me’ (also released with the EP)

Nov, 3rd. 2015
‘Afterlife’ This stunning acoustic performance of the first track to be released from the SOMH EP was published just prior to Greyson’s performance of it on the Ellen Show.

To learn more about Greyson, check out his You Tube channel:

And his website:

Manager, Alex Ziabko at: