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I’ve resisted the temptation to post anything on this blog regarding Greyson’s sharing his sexuality with his fans and with the world. So much has already been said and no one probably gives a shit what I have to say about it, least of all Greyson. But seeing some of the comments that have been posted over the last few days and having had some private conversations with other fans, compels me to throw my hat in the ring.

Part of my marginally-healthy-obsession of following Greyson’s career for the past seven years comes from a fascination with the impact that social media is (rapidly) having on the homogenization of world culture. Greyson’s generation is really the first to have had the ability, from an early age, to communicate with people from other nations, cultures, and religions in real time. This phenomenon, perhaps too idealistically, gives me hope that there really can be “peace on earth” in the not-too-distant-future. “Imagine all the people living life in peace, Yoo Hoo ooh ooh ooh”.

Greyson’s announcement this past Wednesday regarding his sexuality, for the first time in my experience in the “fan club”, brought to light some of the deep divisions that still exist among the world’s cultures and religions.

One’s sexuality is a deeply personal and intimate part of their lives. Even western cultures are still in their infancy of coming to grips with the full range of human nature and human sexuality. Homosexuality is just now becoming understood and accepted in these cultures. The very fact that a gay person must struggle with their “coming out” bears this out. After all, when was the last time you heard of someone “coming out” as “straight”?. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for Greyson to come to grips with this part of his life over the last four years given the other challenges he was meeting.

Other cultures and religions around the world are not yet ready to accept homosexuality as a phenomenon that occurs naturally in humans (as well as other species). In these cultures, it is seen as a violation of the laws of God and nature. But religious beliefs and cultural customs are also deeply personal and intimate. They deserve the respect of those of us who believe ourselves to be more “enlightened”. Surely Greyson must have considered these cultural differences in his decision to come out publicly. Especially given that much of his fan base is in Asian countries with devout Muslim and Catholic populations.

Besides religious and cultural beliefs, some people believe that being gay is a “choice”. I’m sure there is a small number of people (very small) that do in fact experiment with alternate sexual lifestyles because they believe it to be fashionable or simply because they are curious. I’ve always judged Greyson to be a person of strong character. As such, I don’t believe he would “choose” to be gay as a fashion statement. Greyson, I believe, is among that portion of the population that was born gay. With each passing generation and new scientific research, I believe all of the world will eventually welcome and fully accept our LGBT Brothers and Sisters as full and complete members of the ‘Human Club”.

However you feel about Greyson’s sexuality, we should ALL respect the legitimacy of those that have different beliefs than our own and be unified in extending Greyson the respect and support he deserves from ALL of his fans. Sexuality is, after all, only a small part of what defines us as persons. As for me, I admire Greyson’s decision to come out publicly and I’ll continue following his career in music and whatever other parts of his, ever more well-rounded, life that he chooses to share with us.



IMG_20170620_195914“Twenty’s fast and hard as nails but doesn’t come again”…a line from one of my favorite songs; ‘Pegasus’

Twenty is an age of transition and confliction. No longer a teenager yet not quite fully an adult (at least not in the legal sense here in America).
For Greyson Chance, I suspect it is a bittersweet transition. His teenage years have been, as he himself once described his youth, “hectic and rewarding”.

Thrust into the entertainment industry literally overnight, he was both blessed and cursed. Blessed with experiences that few others have had the opportunity to engage in. Cursed by missing many of the experiences of a typical childhood and being burdened with the pressures of a brutal and emotionally draining career at an early age. From my point of view, he seems to be handling the “twists and turns” quite well. He seems happy with his new life as a college student (Maybe even happier than ever). He has real “classmates” for the first time in seven years… since he was twelve. He’s actively pursuing his other passion (besides music); political activism. And, I’m quite sure, enjoying an active social life.

Despite super-stardom as a musician being just beyond his reach once again (but not for lack of talent), Greyson seems to be at peace with where he’s at along his life’s journey; In my view, a testament to his character and to the support of a loving family and good friends.

As Greyson prepares for his second year of college, he is decidedly keeping a low profile on social media and engaging in very little self promotion.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what exciting adventures lie ahead in the next SEASON of
“Greyson Chance”

“Don’t die with your music still inside you”




May 29th, 2017
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States.
For me he was the first president that I was concious of as a child. Even as a 3, 4 and 5 years old, the power of his image and speeches on television had a profound impact on me and are, to this day, etched into my memory.

As with any historically noteworthy person, his life and legacy are not without their detractors. To be sure, no one can deny that he had his share of both moral and political failings. But as I look back through the time that has passed since his presidency, I see him as the last occupant of the office that had the capacity to truly inspire a nation. Partly because of his youth, his intellect, his gift for powerful oration and partly because of the age in which he served. An age in which America’s innocense, was, in a very real sense, lost.

In many ways, President Kennedy set the bar for the office of President to a new level that is yet to be reached by any of his successors.

To stalk or not to stalk…

“To stalk or not to stalk…
THAT is the question!”

I haven’t pissed anyone off in a while and I’m feeling a little outta sorts!!! With more leaks coming out of this fan club than out of Donald Trump’s White House, I thought I’d chime in on all the Greyson – College stuff.

Greyson kept his college life a secret as long as possible. He may have wanted it that way or maybe the college wanted it that way…or both.
At the same time, he’s chosen to continue “putting out music”. For that l’m grateful and excited.

Greyson has been a celebrity long enough to know that it’s inevitable that some of his privacy is going to be lost. The posts that are starting to leak out are, in fact, in the public domain. Greyson is smart enough to know that. He’s smart enough to know that they would eventually leak. And he’s smart enough to deal with it. (If he ever decides to go into politcs, he’s gonna have to get used to leaks. So… this is actually contributing to his education!!! 😂) Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t leak out sooner than it did. And, for the record, I didn’t breath a word about anything I may have or may not have known!!! Furthermore, Greyson and his college mates bear some responsibility for his privacy. His friends have the ability to keep their social media accounts private; sharing them only with selected users. Each of the fans are free to choose how to respond to infomation that is publicly available.

Personally, I think Greyson’s lack of social media engagement with the fans is a mistake and part of the problem. It frustrates tf outta them and breeds speculation, rumors and, yes, stalking. But he’s a big boy… it’s his choice. I’ll defer to his privacy and his wisdom and choose to believe that he has his own good reasons. I don’t think he needs to share his college life with us if he doesn’t want to but I think it would be smart if he simply came out and told everyone that he wishes to keep it private. I honestly believe that (most of) the fans would respect that. He can deal with the rest of it. I happen to know this first hand. 😕

I would describe Greyson’s life, currently, as being in a CHANGE of Seasons.
Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes To Mexico)
Google It! 😆 Hence his lack of activity…the kind that we had all become accustomed to for these last 7 + years.

As I’ve said in other posts, my wish is that Greyson’s college experiences will fill him with even more music. Should another passion replace it, he’ll have my blessing, for what it’s worth.

On the bright side, I’m considering it a positive sign that there’s enough life in the fan club for debates and drama to arise!!!

Let’s see if anyone shares this with Alex…lIke last time. (Probably the person who made the groundless accusation to him that I bullied him/her!!!) I have my suspicions of who that might’ve been but I’ll just leave that be.

So… ls THIS stupid too???
(Yeah, still salty)

Greyson Chance, Press Bio and Recent Releases

June 30th, 2017

‘SEASONS’ by Greyson Chance dropped today.

Give it a listen

‘Seasons’ is another very personal song from Greyson as he explains in his blog on his website:

Greyson… Greyson Chance???…You remember…

April, 2010, at 12 years old,
Sings a song
Posts it on You Tube
Goes viral
Goes on The Ellen Show
Gets a record deal
Enrolls in an online school
Releases an album
Tours the world
Banks some scratch
Is having the time of his life
And then…

His voice drops
His record label drops HIM
His manager drops him
Greyson drops outta sight for a while

Bruised, bloodied but not down for the count, and at the ripe, old age of 15, with a lifetme’s-worth of life’s lessons under his belt, Greyson rediscovered his love for music and is now determined to make his mark in a brutal and emotionally demanding business.

Fast forward to 2015

After graduating (online) high school with a 3.9 GPA (So Greyson tells us), Greyson teamed up with a new manager, Alex Ziabko, moved back to LA and wrote and released his come-back EP; ‘Somewhere Over My Head’ in May of 2016. Greyson promo-toured the EP in the US and Asia throughout 2016. In addition, he and his team produced and released ‘The Drop’, a documentary following his career which can be seen on-demand on the Fullscreen Network.

As of this writing, (early 2017) Greyson is fulfilling another dream; earning a college degree (at a real brick and mortar college) only revealing this “secret” to his somewhat surprised, even stunned, fans near the end of his second semester of his freshman year. With this revelation, Greyson vows to his fans to continue “putting out music”.

And so he is! 

June 22, 2016

FINALLY!!! Greyson releases the release date for his new single.

May 31st, 2017
Greyson hints the upcoming release of SEASONS in his typical cryptic fashion on twitter, awakening his “sleepy” fans.😉 No date yet…Stay Tuned!!!

May 24th, 2017 ‘Dirty Dancing” The Remake!
‘Dirty Dancing’, The ABC TV Network remake airs to mixed reviews…OK, let’s be honest, here. Pretty much all reviews from both the public and critics alike were FUCKING BRUTAL!!! …HOW DARE ABC DEFILE THE MEMORY OF THE LATE PATRICK SWAYZE BY REMAKING THE FILM THAT GAVE BIRTH TO HIS STARDOM!!! (Not to mention his abs) WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? …That was pretty much the consensus among, well, pretty much everyone on social media. Personally, I didn’t think it was that bad but I was never a huge fan of the original so I suppose I could be somewhat objective. I truly do think Greyson’s rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ was better than Eric Carmen’s original. Greyson sings it with far more passion, in my opinion. But being caught up in the fervor to slaughter the film, the song, too, was beat up pretty badly. I did, however, see some positive comments about ‘Hungry Eyes’ from more objective opiners. Greyson and his team MUST have realized that taking on this project would be risky. I applaud their courage. I’m confident Greyson has been around critics long enough to take his licks, pick himself up and move forward…like the SEASONS 🙂

May 19th, 2017
Greyson’s rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ is released as one of 17 tracks on Virgin Record’s soundtrack for the ABC Television remake of the 1980s film ‘Dirty Dancing’.

May 12th, 2017
Greyson releases his rendition of ‘Hungry Eyes’ for the soundtrack of the upcoming ABC remake of the beloved film ‘Dirty Dancing’ to be aired on May 24th, 2017.

May 5th, 2017
‘Earn It’
A colab with EDM artist Fabian Mazur, was released on Armada Records and is a dance-worthy track with rap influences presented with Greyson’s soulful vocals over the electronic track produced by Fabian.

(Early) May 2017
Greyson announced a new single, entitled ‘Seasons’ to be released in “the next couple of weeks”. (Greyson, being “chronically [as in time] challenged”, “the next couple of weeks” likely means Late May or early June 2017) Stay Tuned!

Jan., 2017
‘Anything’, an acoustic version of an earlier colab track with Frank Pole, is released. Frank plays his piano arrangement in this track accompanying Greyson’s emotional vocals

Dec. 23rd, 2016
‘London’, is a beautiful, raw, single-take, acoustic recording; Greyson’s voice is accompanied only by his piano playing and the squeaky stool on which he’s seated.  Its a personal favorite of mine and is Greyson’s tribute to the c.1794 William Blake poem of the same title.

Sept. 15th, 2016
‘Anything’: In this EDM studio version of the aforementioned acoustic, Greyson’s vocals are backed up with a powerful piano element combined with an electronic arrangement; both provided by producer Frank Pole.

May 13th, 2016
‘Somewhere Over My Head’, Greyson’s five track come-back EP drops.
Track list:
‘Afterlife’ (released as single Oct. 29th, 2015)

‘Hit & Run’ (released as single Feb. 5th, 2016)

‘Back On The Wall’ (released as a single with a music vid in April 2016)

‘No Fear’ (released with the EP)

‘More Than Me’ (also released with the EP)

Nov, 3rd. 2015
‘Afterlife’ This stunning acoustic performance of the first track to be released from the SOMH EP was published just prior to Greyson’s performance of it on the Ellen Show.

To learn more about Greyson, check out his You Tube channel:

And his website:

Manager, Alex Ziabko at:

College Boy


Now that I’ve had a few weeks to process this, I find myself still enormously happy that you’re attending college. Undoubtedly, you’re enjoying a rich and fulfilling social life, you’re absorbing new knowledge like a sponge (even though, like any good 19 year old worth his salt, you thought you already knew everything :D) and you’re engaging in a plethora of new life-enriching experiences.

On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder why the fuck you’ve chosen to conceal, from your trustworthy and loyal fans, such a monumental step in your life’s journey. Perhaps you were advised or even required by the college not to make it public for the sake of your own privacy and the privacy of others on campus. Or it was your own personal decision for the same reason which would not surprize me. You’ve always been a Class Act.

Short of those possible reasons, however, this is my take on it; One fan’s perspective:

You refer to us as your “friends”, your “homies” Admittedly, at times, we can be obsessive and annoying but never so far detached from reality, in most cases, to really believe that we’re truly friends.  In truth, you have every right to your privacy. Your only real obligation to your fans is to share your music with us. But I think I speak for a lot of your fans in saying that we’re more than just fans of the music. We’re fans of YOU. Fans of your continuing story, fans of your fucking eyebrows!!! 😀

We can excuse you for not letting us know every time you go to an OKC Thunder game.

We can excuse you for keeping your smoking a secret.

We can even excuse you for not letting us know if you’re dating someone (that’s deeply personal)

BUT COLLEGE??? THAT you forget to mention??? WTF?? Do you think we’re so selfish that we would be disappointed in you for setting aside a full-time music career for a while, or longer? Not to mention that you’ve had a lot of us worried sick about you!!! You have no idea how relieved I am to learn that you haven’t been in some kind of depressed funk for the past five months!!!

DUDE!!! You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of and so much to be proud of!!!

‘The Night is Still Young’
My wish for you, Greyson, is that your experiences in college will fill your heart and soul with even more music, more poetry, more passion. BUT…If they should lead you in different direction, know that you will forever be a part of music history and know that you will forever have our blessing and our love.


In this case, I’d be happy to do your “dirty work” for you and post this publicly thus giving you an opportunity to address the issue. It’s not gonna stay secret forever!!!