IMG_20170620_195914“Twenty’s fast and hard as nails but doesn’t come again”…a line from one of my favorite songs; ‘Pegasus’

Twenty is an age of transition and confliction. No longer a teenager yet not quite fully an adult (at least not in the legal sense here in America).
For Greyson Chance, I suspect it is a bittersweet transition. His teenage years have been, as he himself once described his youth, “hectic and rewarding”.

Thrust into the entertainment industry literally overnight, he was both blessed and cursed. Blessed with experiences that few others have had the opportunity to engage in. Cursed by missing many of the experiences of a typical childhood and being burdened with the pressures of a brutal and emotionally draining career at an early age. From my point of view, he seems to be handling the “twists and turns” quite well. He seems happy with his new life as a college student (Maybe even happier than ever). He has real “classmates” for the first time in seven years… since he was twelve. He’s actively pursuing his other passion (besides music); political activism. And, I’m quite sure, enjoying an active social life.

Despite super-stardom as a musician being just beyond his reach once again (but not for lack of talent), Greyson seems to be at peace with where he’s at along his life’s journey; In my view, a testament to his character and to the support of a loving family and good friends.

As Greyson prepares for his second year of college, he is decidedly keeping a low profile on social media and engaging in very little self promotion.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what exciting adventures lie ahead in the next SEASON of
“Greyson Chance”

“Don’t die with your music still inside you”



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