To stalk or not to stalk…

“To stalk or not to stalk…
THAT is the question!”

I haven’t pissed anyone off in a while and I’m feeling a little outta sorts!!! With more leaks coming out of this fan club than out of Donald Trump’s White House, I thought I’d chime in on all the Greyson – College stuff.

Greyson kept his college life a secret as long as possible. He may have wanted it that way or maybe the college wanted it that way…or both.
At the same time, he’s chosen to continue “putting out music”. For that l’m grateful and excited.

Greyson has been a celebrity long enough to know that it’s inevitable that some of his privacy is going to be lost. The posts that are starting to leak out are, in fact, in the public domain. Greyson is smart enough to know that. He’s smart enough to know that they would eventually leak. And he’s smart enough to deal with it. (If he ever decides to go into politcs, he’s gonna have to get used to leaks. So… this is actually contributing to his education!!! πŸ˜‚) Frankly I’m surprised it didn’t leak out sooner than it did. And, for the record, I didn’t breath a word about anything I may have or may not have known!!! Furthermore, Greyson and his college mates bear some responsibility for his privacy. His friends have the ability to keep their social media accounts private; sharing them only with selected users. Each of the fans are free to choose how to respond to infomation that is publicly available.

Personally, I think Greyson’s lack of social media engagement with the fans is a mistake and part of the problem. It frustrates tf outta them and breeds speculation, rumors and, yes, stalking. But he’s a big boy… it’s his choice. I’ll defer to his privacy and his wisdom and choose to believe that he has his own good reasons. I don’t think he needs to share his college life with us if he doesn’t want to but I think it would be smart if he simply came out and told everyone that he wishes to keep it private. I honestly believe that (most of) the fans would respect that. He can deal with the rest of it. I happen to know this first hand. πŸ˜•

I would describe Greyson’s life, currently, as being in a CHANGE of Seasons.
Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes To Mexico)
Google It! πŸ˜† Hence his lack of activity…the kind that we had all become accustomed to for these last 7 + years.

As I’ve said in other posts, my wish is that Greyson’s college experiences will fill him with even more music. Should another passion replace it, he’ll have my blessing, for what it’s worth.

On the bright side, I’m considering it a positive sign that there’s enough life in the fan club for debates and drama to arise!!!

Let’s see if anyone shares this with Alex…lIke last time. (Probably the person who made the groundless accusation to him that I bullied him/her!!!) I have my suspicions of who that might’ve been but I’ll just leave that be.

So… ls THIS stupid too???
(Yeah, still salty)


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