College Boy


Now that I’ve had a few weeks to process this, I find myself still enormously happy that you’re attending college. Undoubtedly, you’re enjoying a rich and fulfilling social life, you’re absorbing new knowledge like a sponge (even though, like any good 19 year old worth his salt, you thought you already knew everything :D) and you’re engaging in a plethora of new life-enriching experiences.

On the other hand, I can’t help but wonder why the fuck you’ve chosen to conceal, from your trustworthy and loyal fans, such a monumental step in your life’s journey. Perhaps you were advised or even required by the college not to make it public for the sake of your own privacy and the privacy of others on campus. Or it was your own personal decision for the same reason which would not surprize me. You’ve always been a Class Act.

Short of those possible reasons, however, this is my take on it; One fan’s perspective:

You refer to us as your “friends”, your “homies” Admittedly, at times, we can be obsessive and annoying but never so far detached from reality, in most cases, to really believe that we’re truly friends.  In truth, you have every right to your privacy. Your only real obligation to your fans is to share your music with us. But I think I speak for a lot of your fans in saying that we’re more than just fans of the music. We’re fans of YOU. Fans of your continuing story, fans of your fucking eyebrows!!! 😀

We can excuse you for not letting us know every time you go to an OKC Thunder game.

We can excuse you for keeping your smoking a secret.

We can even excuse you for not letting us know if you’re dating someone (that’s deeply personal)

BUT COLLEGE??? THAT you forget to mention??? WTF?? Do you think we’re so selfish that we would be disappointed in you for setting aside a full-time music career for a while, or longer? Not to mention that you’ve had a lot of us worried sick about you!!! You have no idea how relieved I am to learn that you haven’t been in some kind of depressed funk for the past five months!!!

DUDE!!! You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of and so much to be proud of!!!

‘The Night is Still Young’
My wish for you, Greyson, is that your experiences in college will fill your heart and soul with even more music, more poetry, more passion. BUT…If they should lead you in different direction, know that you will forever be a part of music history and know that you will forever have our blessing and our love.


In this case, I’d be happy to do your “dirty work” for you and post this publicly thus giving you an opportunity to address the issue. It’s not gonna stay secret forever!!!


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