Geeks EXPOSED!!! (Updated June 2018)

I published this 2 years ago in response to the twitter attacks against me that the fan club “hall moniters” and “den mothers” were engaging in. I posted the link to it in my twitter bio. Thanks to those of you who contacted me with your support.

Not much has changed in my life over the past two years. Greyson and most of his young fans, on the other hand, have experienced enormous life-changing events; college, first  jobs, new friendships, living on their own, first loves…

I thought about giving up my “fangirling” life but discovered I’m too emotionally invested in Greyson’s musical and personal journey. Plus, I feel that if I left, the “hall monitors” might think they were responsible for it. So, whether he likes it or not, Greyson is stuck with me!

For the record, the only “crime” I’m guilty of, besides being annoying af on Twitter, is giving a fuck for eight years!!! It’s us annoying, obsessed fans that kept the candle burning when it got dark.

I’m posting the link to this back on my bio for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t read it…Or  for anyone who gives a shit.




For some time now I’ve been contemplating coming outta the (identity) closet like Greyson has finally come outta the (smoking) closet. Now seems like a good opportunity to take the first step. (I’ve heard that the first step is the hardest)

“Gladys” as in Gladys Kravitz (Google it) is my nickname for the twitter user or users who have been posting nonsense about me being a 50-year-old man. You need to refine your investigative techniques.
I’m 58!!!
Get it straight
(Hmm…That rhymes! I’m a poet, too!!!)
I’m married and have two sons who I am very proud of. My older son is a pretty damn good musician, btw.

Now that Gladys has succeeded in her mission to EXPOSE me, I’m left with no alternative but to close my Twitter account in shame.

I am forced to move my family  and take refuge in a foreign land leaving our two dogs behind.
The only thing I’m taking with me to remember my years as geeks4greyson is my life size pin-up poster of Greyson Chance.

May God have mercy on my soul !!!


Dear Gladys,
There is no age limit or gender requirement to appreciate good music or to recognize talent. (I googled it!) Greyson’s generation, for the most part, is remarkably inclusive. It gives me a glimmer of hope for the future of the Human Race.

There is no requirement on Twitter to publicly reveal any personal information including name, rank, serial number, age, gender, address, birthday, race, country (or planet) of origin, contact information, blood type, next of kin, eye color, social security number, drivers license number, mother’s maiden name, pets’ names, shoe size, religion or lack thereof, how much money you got for your communion, your preferred porn categories, etc.

Nearly all of the people I’ve encountered on Twitter adhere to common social standards of courtesy and decency respecting the privacy of others.

Stalking and then revealing personal details about another user without their consent may not strictly violate Twitter policy but, at best, is extremely rude and at worst psychotic. Twitter provides the tools to mute, block or report other users that you might find offensive. On rare instances when I have inadvertently offended someone on Twitter, they’ve had the decency and COURAGE to confront me directly.

Keeping my identity private and allowing others to create their own mental image, has allowed me to exercise a greater degree of artistic freedom. Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to consider my Twittering artistic.:D

None the less, it seems kinda silly for me to continue living in the shadows, like an illegal immigrant. Greyson has grown so much as an artist. I admired his maturity, his passion for performing and his talent when he was first thrust into the spotlight. I admire him even more now that he’s determinedly rising to the challenges of an emotionally demanding career with his love for music and performing still solidly intact. I continue to believe that he is destined to gain a much larger and more diverse audience. He just needs to keep “throwin’ punches” and makin’ a lot o’noise.

I once tweeted, “Music transcends the generation gap”. Many young people in Greyson’s generation admire and are inspired by the artists of my generation. I’m not ashamed in the least that I recognize and admire Greyson’s talent. It’s been a joy watching him evolve as an artist and as a person over the past six and a half years…something my generation didn’t have the opportunity to experience  with the artists of our day. We only discovered them after they were much further along in their careers. Admiring art in any of its forms is a far richer experience knowing how it came to be.

I equally admire Greyson’s parents. I’ve heard many people criticize them (and others in similar circumstances) for allowing their kids to get sucked into the entertainment industry. It’s true that it can be cruel and has often destroyed people. However, I defer to the wisdom of their parents. Our kids are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for. The key to survival through dark times is a loving and supportive network of family and friends. Greyson’s strength of character demonstrates, to me, that he’s had that kind of love and support throughout his life.

There are, indeed, weirdos and creeps on Twitter and all over social media.
I’M not one of them!
And furthermore, Gladys,  YOU’RE not the Fan Club Den Mother.

(“Fan Club”… that’s what my generation  called it back in the day :D)

Your time and energy could be far better spent promoting Greyson’s music rather than seeking attention for yourself and trying to fulfill self-absorbed fantasies, thereby spawning copycats and, worse, putting Greyson in an awkward position. A good example of fans promoting Greyson’s music are the Asian fans who organized the RTPX event last year. The time and energy of THESE fans was spent for the benefit and enjoyment of the entire fan club.

So, Gladys, please… worry about yourself!. Everyone else will be just fine without you stalking and disseminating the private information of others.


Comments, Love…or Hate?
@Geeks4Greyson on twitter

I’m sure Gladys will eventually see this. Maybe even read it. She could do the right thing. But given the relentless and obsessive behavior that she has so aptly demonstrated, I expect I will continue to be a target of her harassment through thinly veiled insinuations based on nothing more than her own assumptions.